Hydra is designed to achieve a specific outcome. Student Success.

To achieve student success, Hydra provides access to data, analytics and communication resources for students, faculty, recruiters, student success coaches, administrative staff and executive leadership. This diverse set of data and intelligence in real-time within an SaaS cloud-based platform helps a lot. Hydra is a digital whiz kid and is very versatile. Many people campus wide support the teaching-learning-research experience, but they don't often have access to the resources they need. Now campus colleagues can access and learn from the data that is continuously drawn, transformed and displayed from various institutional data systems to support students. More data, more people helping students!

Hydra, an AI-enabled platform, is designed to support university faculty and staff involved in improving teaching-learning-research experiences.

Hydra is student-centric. The primary purpose of the college experience is student learning. Hydra wants to help.

Students have a lot to process. A personalized learning plan with consistent feedback from faculty and student success coaches contributes to persistence and program completion.

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