Executive Leadership

Executive leadership needs a line of sight across metrics and measures of the university's key performance areas. Hydra's interactive visualizations offer executive officers granular details and developing trends related to a range of key performance areas:

  • Student performance by academic delivery system: HyFlex, Online and On-ground
  • Teaching and Learning Excellence
  • Student Recruitment, Persistence and Program Completion
  • Financial Aid Allocation
  • Net Tuition Revenue
  • Alumni Engagement, Gifts and Networks
  • And more

Hydra is a major break-through! Hydra is the intelligent agent which provides administrative staff and faculty with actionable knowledge and with interactive features to act on newly acquired insights. Hydra is the intelligent data aggregator which connects all campus systems in its cloud-based integrated platform. It is the only intelligent agent that allows executives to view instantly all student engagement data in three key performance indicators calculated by machine learning: academic, financial, and performance. The indices are calculated by cohorts and by individuals.

Hydra offers executive officers and administrators more than interactive visualizations in real-time. Rather than reviewing periodic reports that give punctiliar views of key performance areas, institutional leaders can review key performance indicators in real-time. Positive and negative variances can be easily discerned, thereby facilitating strategic pivots in planning and policy.

New customized reports can also be developed to support institutional effectiveness of Teaching and Learning Excellence.

Visualizations Provide Better Line-of-Site.
Improve decision-making!

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