Community College

Hydra affords administrative departments and staff access to a common set of advanced analytics and visualizations which support the institutions core workflows and ligature workflows. Hydras cloud-based, SaaS solution also offers real-time individual student and cohort-based analytics enabling community college administrators to address institutional priorities:

  • Certificate Plus and Degree Plus…Competencies and Digital Skills!

  • Data-Informed and Technology-Assisted Decision Making
  • Guided Pathways and Broad Communication with Students
  • Retention, Persistence and Completion Rates
  • Internships and Workforce Development
  • Achieving the Dream
  • Institutional Networks and Alumni Relations

Hydras real-time individual student and cohort-based analytics, including its Student Success Indices, support Guided Pathways and Achieving the Dream initiatives.  Hydras combination of interactive apps enables administrators to confer directly with each student, to communicate course sequencing and program completion goals, to provide guidance to institutional resources, and to offer consistent follow-up.

Community Colleges have a unique relationship with the communities which they serve. They invite diverse student populations to explore and engage post-secondary education, and they provide collaborative leadership in economic and workforce development. Community Colleges also partner with local, county and state governments, and participate meaningfully in strategic, government-based initiatives to address regional needs.

  • Hydras resources increase efficiency and productivity of Student Success staff because they can allocate more time to creating and monitoring Guided Pathways, to implementing Achieving the Dream core processes, and to further developing Internships and Workforce Development opportunities.
  • Hydra also supports the timely interaction of the administrative staff and faculty based on planning, student support programs, and the use of management tools like Hydras Student Success Indices, Interactive Student Portfolio and Advanced Student Search. There are three communication systems including a Student Relationship Management resource.
  • Hydras Student Affinity System provides student feedback.
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