Four-Year College

Hydra transforms standard data sets into actionable information related to recruitment, retention, persistence, program completion, internships and job acquisition. From Student Prospect to Alumna/us, Hydra provides interactive tools that assist the students in achieving their personal and professional goals.

Four Year Colleges can effectively address:

  • Top of the Funnel Strategies for Student Recruitment
  • Development of New Student Markets
  • Expansion of Current Student Markets
  • Cohort-Based and Discipline Specific Marketing Campaigns
  • First Year Experience Programs, Academic Advising and Retention
  • Program Completion Rates
  • Internship Programs and Job Acquisition for Students
  • Institutional Networks and Alumni Relations

Hydra's Student Success Indices offer added value to the funnel management systems of colleges and universities. The Student Success Indices or probability analyses are generated by machine learning. The resulting Student Success Indices offer assistance to administrative staff and faculty by identifying core strengths and opportunities in each student's portfolio. These advanced analytics, the individual student and cohort-based analytics, offer keen insights into recruitment and retention trends.

The college can significantly reduce multi-channel marketing costs by leveraging Hydra's twenty-five plus apps and by reducing its solution stack. The timely performance of the retention staff based on planning, student support programs, and the use of Hydra's management tools like the Student Success Indices, Interactive Student Table, Advanced Student Search, and Communication Center/Campaign Management System will generate improved results in student enrollment.

Hydra also has a Student Affinity System integrated into its Campaign Management/Communication Center and the Student Engagement System which enable your team to measure students interest in your institution.

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