Student Success Coaches

Student Success Coaches perform an invaluable role on the college campus.

The Student Success Coaches support the primary value proposition of the institution, namely teaching, learning and research experiences and more.

Hydra introduces each student to the student success coaches and provides real-time access to students performance in every class, in real-time. Whether the student is successfully progressing through the class material or experiencing challenges, Hydra provides insights into each student's learning process.

The Student Success Coaches monitor student performance and seek to identify opportunities for improvement and further mastery of the class material. And they often identify other factors which affect student well-being and assist students in accessing those resources.

  • They communicate directly with students and design personalized learning plans which resolve obstacles, create solutions and support student growth and development.
  • The Student Success Team communicates with faculty, faculty assistants, department chairs and deans in effort to marshal resources to support student success.
  • Student Success Coaches seek to make systemic changes which support student persistence and program completion.
  • Like Hydra, Student Success Coaches connect-the-data and the-dots in the teaching-learning-research experience, higher education's primary value proposition.

Hydra's student success module provides a digital infrastructure and resources to support student performance and to improve teaching and learning environments. The Hydra platform also provides the framework in which student success coaches along with student services guide students through their diverse, dynamic and life-changing experiences during college.



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