AI-Enabled Student Success and Lifecycle Ecosystem


The more the higher ed pros know, the better the student experience, the more incredible the outcomes.

  • Enables (and prompts) communication with current students to maintain engagement and help direct next steps.
  • Responds to students' changing interests, allowing secure and trackable channels of communication between advisors and students.
  • Develops and strengthens relationships between students and their faculty, retention officers, and the institution as a whole.


Retention isn't just about holding on to students. It's about tapping into a student's innate grit to help them persist, and flourish, through collegiate challenges.

  • Combines recruitment metrics with retention analytics to create an holistic ecosystem.
  • Assesses student persistence through triple indices of academic achievement, grit, and financial probabilities.
  • Intelligently supports student retention with "Heads Up" Early Alert and Student Engagement Systems, improving communication and assistance programs before students arrive.


A Plan Yes! Create a cohesive set of data-informed workflows which smartly allocate resources for Student Success.
You can strategically conduct now-casting and forecasting with visualized data and interactive interfaces.

  • Interactive tools open and visualize data with standardized and tailored charts.
  • Real time, analytics-based research supports retention and recruitment planning.
  • Synthesizes isolated data into scannable, report-ready dashboards.
  • Maintains multi-tiered roles and teams for data security.


Recruitment is both a data-focused and relationship-based endeavor. SeligoAl complements human experience to strategically guide recruitment towards most-likely-to-enroll (and persist) populations.

  • Informs current recruitment strategy with past performance, enabling data-driven pivots in strategy and market development.
  • Innovates next-gen funnel management with Al-driven probability analytics.
  • SeligoAl Barista identifies and measures levels of student interest in the institution for more targeted recruitment efforts.
  • Percolates lists of authenticated visitors to microsites and your main .edu.

Visualized Data. Better Results.

  • Role-Specific Data Visualization
  • Retention and Recruitment Relationship Management
  • Multichannel Student Engagement Communications
  • Funnel Management Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics and Resources
  • Student Success Benchmarks
  • "Heads Up" Early Alert Student Support Interventions
  • Organic and Responsive Recruitment via SeligoAl Barista
    and SeligoAl Road Trip!
  • Cloud-native and Mobile-optimized


Machine Learning

To make the application truly beneficial to the universities and colleges that would use the system, AI algorithms enabled by Machine Learning were developed to study patterns and behaviors of a population by analyzing large sets of data. The results are then used to determine expected behavior or patterns of smaller populations of data by comparing it to the original set of learning results.


Deep Analysis

Hydra's Student Engagement System supersedes Student Relationship Management

Focused student relationship management leads to more effective recruitment and retention. Engaging each student early in the funnel management process is a significant dimension of Hydra. Individual Success Indices and a comprehensive student dataset together guide advisors' recommendations during the pre-matriculation and enrollment periods. Advisors can provide an informed, sustained mentoring relationship with each student, assisting each one in realizing her or his potential. This is the outcome, of course, which universities and colleges seek to achieve.

Probability Analytics

Hydra provides this complex and advanced technology to university staff with just the click of a button. Using auto-clustering functionality, school staff can analyze a student in relation to school-determined groups based on various data points customized by the university

How is Student Success Achieved

Through a recruitment and retention platform that uniquely uses Probability Analytics

  • By understanding student potential through Success Indices
  • By accessing the Student Indices and other important information in the Student Relationship Management System
  • By utilizing demographic and geospatial analytics and preparing success strategies for each student prior to their matriculation/enrollment in the university/college.
  • By maintaining a consistent, informed, and professional relationship with each student and informed by the Success Indices
  • By celebrating the potential of each student and working effectively to support each student assisted by data-informed analytics.

The User Roles and Application Interface

Administrative dashboards were customized for each User Role, affording each administrator access to student data, information, and applications appropriate for their responsibilities. Important student stats and sophisticated reporting functions facilitate recruitment and retention program development.

The application also provides user interfaces with which to manage student data, either manually or through digital transfer. Analytical tools to search for patterns and trends in student performance were also developed; probability analytics were consistently integrated into these applications.

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