Student Success begins with student recruitment. Hydra is alert and readily directs recruiters to alumni networks and current student markets which have yielded students who persist to program completion. This is very valuable market intelligence. Why is this valuable - Marketing costs are expensive. Marketing initiatives and allocation of recruitment resources can be directed to high yield student markets. Hydra's interactive geospatial visualizations then enable the marketing and enrollment management departments to measure the return on investment of promotional expenditures. And you can track those returns after each entering class is displayed in the interactive visualization.

Hydra's student success indices are another way to measure the university's preparation for students of diverse interests, knowledge bases and cognitive skills. Rather than waiting six to eight weeks into every semester before knowing which students are at-risk, Hydra conducts advanced analytics which guide the institution's student success program, its allocation of resources and its personalized learning plans.

Hydra's data-and-dots-connections transform personalized learning plans into data-informed, guided pathways.

Recruiters can easily track students through the recruitment process, communicating with individual students and with the entire cohort.

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