Faculty are busy. Faculty drive the primary value proposition of the institution, namely teaching, learning and research experiences.

Hydra introduces each student to the faculty and then shares information regarding the student's performance in each course with the professor in real-time. Whether the student is successfully progressing through the class material or experiencing challenges, Hydra provides insights into each student's learning process. One click and the professor can access salient academic information.

The professor can then make recommendations to the student and to student success coaches regarding content and cognitive skills which need to be reviewed and improved. This is where Hydra's personalized learning plan begins. And such plans can be easily monitored and managed can be crafted through Hydra's student success module.

Hydra also helps everyone talk to each other, to document conversations and to make recommendations. Hydra's student success module provides two messaging systems, one for faculty and administrators, and the other for faculty and students. The faculty can now develop data-informed expectations regarding the learning environments they are managing.

There is no need to ask faculty to be prescient about the individual and collective student performances in their classes. Hydra understands this. And Hydra offers the resources to afford insights into student performance and to improve teaching and learning environments.

Measure the results of personalized learning, determine its value.


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